Wellness assessment

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As a diamond has many facets our body has many aspects that must be in balance

If we must portray the human body metaphorically, we can compare it to a diamond with many facets. Just like the diamond the human body does not consist out of many facets or parts and can therefore not be treated like that. We cannot view the body as a composite entity that can be reduced to basic constituents.

If erosion of any facet takes place the diamond will be ruined or deformed. That is exactly the case with the human body if any aspect of the body is out of balance the well-being is disturbed. If we grasp this, we can understand wellness.

During a wellness assessment, various aspect of the person will be evaluated to determent which areas are out of balance. We need to understand how the different aspects of life are influencing our well-being. May it be psychosomatic or physical each area is interrelated and when unbalanced can cause disease.

After the assessment, the client will receive guidelines on how to create balance and experience optimal wellness.

We are registered at ASCHP (Association of Supportive Counsellors and Holistic Practitioners). Our wellness counseling is aligned with WHO (World Health Organisation) which defines health as a positive state of mental, emotional, social, and physical wellbeing.

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