Health screening, and body scans

Various modalities are used to perform health screenings. Quantum resonance, iridology, sclerology, facial analysis to name just a few. We are not medical doctors and do not diagnose. Our focus is more on supporting and caring for the client to take self-responsibility off their own health and guide them to a better lifestyle. Green Key2Health do not diagnose or replace a medical doctor.

Quantum, screening, body scan, deficiencies
Quantum Magnetic Resonance

What is a Quantum resonance magnetic screening?

It is a non-invasive screening method that gives a full report on the imbalances in the body.  A Quantum resonance magnetic devise collects the weak magnetic field of human cells for scientific analysis and then determines the imbalances of a person. It works by placing the sensor in your palm while the kit-like machine that is connected to a computer reads and presents the findings on the individual.

What are Iridology and Sclerology?

Iridology and Sclerology are a screening method that is used by looking into the eyes of a client to see imbalances or health challenges.

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