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Elize van der Merwe

Elize van der Merwe (founder of Green Key2Health)  is a registered Holistic Counsellor,  Practitioner, Wellness and Lifestyle Coach with a special interest in micro-nutrients and the role it plays in total wellness  She believes in a system approach focussing on body, mind, soul, and spirit. this approach enables her clients to take ownership and ignite their innate ability to heal themselves. She is particularly concerned with understanding the impact disease has on a person’s psyche and emotional health and how it varies between people and families. Elize is able to connect directly with clients and assist them with their emotional well-being in a professional and compassionate way. She has more than 6 years experience in Counselling and Coaching Cancer patients. Elize van der Merwe is pro-cancer research with a special focus on natural products, lifestyle suggestions, counseling and support to the whole family. She is a registered SAQA Facilitator and Assessor

She has been involved with various charities and the upliftment of people from all walks of life for more than 30 years. Therefore the title and award she received from Mrs. SA (2004)  for community service came as no surprise. She coached various models and artists. Candice Morgan producer and presenter of DTV to name one. She was an integral part of her journey to won the Miss Deaf world competition. (the only South African to ever achieve this status)

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She is a freelance Business Developer focusing on Well being Networks to promote quality outcomes and affordable interventions. She received a special award as business women (Corporate business award) at the Mrs. SA 2004